Lazarus Mining LLC
Lazarus Mining LLC was organized as a Nevada LLC in 2006 with the purpose to acquire
and develop high potential mines in the historic California Motherload.  The company was
funded by a diverse group of private investors sharing the same vision. After extensive due
diligence the company purchased a claim block located on Saddleback Mountain
comprising 1700 acres on which 4 past producing mines are located. The Telegraph Mine,
Dutch and Klondike mines have been the core properties on the claim block that have been
targeted for development into near term production. Since acquisition of the claims the
company completed the initial work program for acquiring the numerous regulatory agency
permits required to develop the property. The company presently intends to commence
operations with the goal to put the Telegraph mine into production.

Patrick Fagen, CEO
Patrick Fagen is experienced in many facets of the mining industry including gold
exploration, mine acquisitions, environmental permitting, mining feasibility
analysis,financing, mining plans, gold mill construction, and small mine management. He
has a proven ability to organize and manage projects from inception to full operational status
and/or position them for future acquisition. Fagen manages and operates the company's
mining properties and provides consulting services for numerous other companies.

Industry Associates & Affiliates
Lazarus Mining LLC has available an extensive and diverse group of mining professionals
including gold geologists, environmental specialists, claim stakers, mineral surveyors
mining equipment suppliers and legal advisors. These industry contacts provide a valuable
source of information and assistance for all stages of mine development from feasibility
through production. Lazarus offers access to this array of talent through its mining
consulting services.  
Company Profile
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Challenging Regulatory Environment
Patrick Fagen
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